[chuck-users] Fiddle with ChucK

Dana Batali dana.batali at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 11:38:30 EST 2022

Greetings ChucKsters,

I am pleased to share the first public beta release of my hobby
project, Fiddle: A Programmable Sound System. It is a Graphical User
Interface and IDE for ChucK.  It is free, open, and completely
extensible. Hopefully it will be of interest to some of you.

I have been working on Fiddle for over a year and so the term
"hobby-project" may be a bit of an undersell. But it's always better
to under-promise, no? Fiddle *is* a hobby project in the sense that it
is designed to help *me* dabble in electronic music-making.  It's
probably missing many features that I've yet to appreciate, but "the
day is still young".

On the cannerycoders website you'll find online documentation and a
download page. You'll also find Windows 10+, Mac-Intel, Mac-M1 and
Linux-Debian-x64 builds available.  No guarantees are made with
respect to older OS versions, your mileage may vary, caveat emptor,

I'm uncertain how much interest in Fiddle to expect. It's possible
that my non-industrial-strength download site won't be up to the task.
Patience is a virtue.

Dana Batali

ps: Today I learned that this listserve doesn't appear to allow URLs
probably for good reasons.  This is why I can't provide links in a
useful form.

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