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d dchuck at yurfish.com
Fri Feb 11 12:03:02 EST 2022

I was about to think this list was dead
Good to know someone else is on here

On Fri, 11 Feb 2022 08:38:30 -0800
Dana Batali <dana.batali at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings ChucKsters,
> I am pleased to share the first public beta release of my hobby
> project, Fiddle: A Programmable Sound System. It is a Graphical User
> Interface and IDE for ChucK.  It is free, open, and completely
> extensible. Hopefully it will be of interest to some of you.
> I have been working on Fiddle for over a year and so the term
> "hobby-project" may be a bit of an undersell. But it's always better
> to under-promise, no? Fiddle *is* a hobby project in the sense that it
> is designed to help *me* dabble in electronic music-making.  It's
> probably missing many features that I've yet to appreciate, but "the
> day is still young".
> On the cannerycoders website you'll find online documentation and a
> download page. You'll also find Windows 10+, Mac-Intel, Mac-M1 and
> Linux-Debian-x64 builds available.  No guarantees are made with
> respect to older OS versions, your mileage may vary, caveat emptor,
> etc.
> I'm uncertain how much interest in Fiddle to expect. It's possible
> that my non-industrial-strength download site won't be up to the task.
> Patience is a virtue.
> Cheers,
> Dana Batali
> ps: Today I learned that this listserve doesn't appear to allow URLs
> probably for good reasons.  This is why I can't provide links in a
> useful form.
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