[chuck-users] chuck and apple airpods?

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Apr 13 14:29:55 EDT 2023

Hi Scott!!

Indeed, this has been an gnarly and gnawing issue -- Apple AirPods (and 
a number of other Bluetooth headphones) show up in macOS as its own 
audio input device and supports only one sample rate (24K in the case of 
AirPods). ChucK, like most full-duplex audio software, requires matching 
sample rates for audio input and output. By default, it would try to 
initialize with a sample rate of 44.1K or 48K and would fail 
initialization due to the rate mismatch with the AirPods.

short-term workarounds:
1) in System Settings -> Sound, under "Input", select something other 
than the AirPods as the default input audio device (this is relevant to 
command line chuck)
2) in miniAudicle or command-line chuck, choose a different device for 
the audio input that's not the AirPods. (e.g., in miniAudicle, select a 
different Audio input in Preferences; with command-line chuck, can use 
the --probe flag to see available devices with input channels and then 
use --adc:DEVICENUMBER to select a specific input device)

Long-term solution:
The good news is that we just addressed this very issue in the code 
literally yesterday (ChucK now has additional logic when initializing 
default audio devices, and will automatically try to match with a 
different input devices when needed; this logic was added specifically 
to address the AirPods/bluetooth problem). This fix will be part of the 
next release (btw ChucK 1.5 will be a big release, with a 
truckload/chuckload of new features, bug fixes, and probably new bugs)! 
The release is imminent; likely within the week.

Hope you are well and rock on,

Ge Wang
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Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)
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On 4/13/23 5:52 AM, Scott Smallwood wrote:
> Hey ChucKians!
> So, I've had my first issue with an audio device on Mac silicon and 
> ChucK:  for some reason, when I am using my Apple Airpods, ChucK will 
> not send audio to them, complaining that it can't get a sample rate:
> [chuck]: (CoreAudio) no supported sample rates found for device (0)...
> Anyone have ideas?
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