[chuck] wish list

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Oct 3 01:33:25 EDT 2004

>>     expression ( "foo.ckx" => (:foo:); ) to load them at runtime.  We
>> dictionary - sure - probably as an associative array (foo["bar"])?
> yeahh yeahh careful with "foo" statements.
> "foo" has a meaning now, as you might remember from the banff desert
> table :-)

I have not forgotten "foo", nor the banff dessert.  Good to hear from
you, Martin.

For those not yet acquainted - foo, in addition to being our most
celebrated default variable name and friend of "bar", it is also a
synthesis language developed in 1993 at ZKM.  Martin has since
revived the project:


Foo is a scheme-based synthesis tool.  Like ChucK, there is a
strong focus on temporal representation and control.  And if
ChucK intends to be real-time/on-the-fly, then Foo is the
antithesis: it draws its power from being not real-time, in which
case there are more freedom (like non-causality) available
in the context of the temporal structuring.  Perhaps ChucK can
learn much from this: if one is not always interested in real-time,
then one can use the ChucK timing mechanism to also move
BACKWARD in time, operating over samples already computed.
Of course, that would require additions to the semantics, but
wouldn't it be cool?


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