[chuck] Langage syntax

Laurent Ostiz laurent at ostiz.com
Tue Oct 5 10:48:10 EDT 2004

Hi !

It is so interesting to be at the beginning of a new audio tool such 
Chuck that, perhaps, we are a bit impatient.
So, here is an example :
phasor p => triosc t => dac ;
100.0 => p.freq ;
60.0 => t.freq ;
2 => t.sync ;

while (true)
                 1::ms => now ;

In a precedent mail, Philip answer me that the sync parameter set to 2 
mean phase driven osc. With this code,
I thus hope to have a kind of hardsync : when phasor goes to zero, it 
reset phase so triosc restart (hardly) a new cycle. This work perfectly 
in Csound for example.
But here, what I obtain is a perfect triangle waveform of 100 Hz. 
Without t.sync set, I have a triangle waveform of 60 Hz.

Here we are with a concrete example.

So, what did I do not understand in the => meaning or sync phase driven 
osc concept in Chuck ?

Thanks for your answer and your work on this promising software ;-)


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