[chuck] Developing chuck

Scott Robert Ladd coyote at coyotegulch.com
Sun Oct 17 14:21:17 EDT 2004


I'm playing with chuck on Linux-based Pentium 4 and dual-Opteron 
systems. First of all, chuck is fascinating and entertaining.

Please accept the following comments as an offer of assistance for 
improving chuck:

1) The current build system is very simple, but also very 
non-traditional and inflexible for a Unix environment. An autoconf build 
might be more effective, along the lines of

	../configure --sound=alsa --prefix=/usr/local/bin
	make install

2) Chuck is sometimes balky (e.g., it can't find the sound card) on my 
Pentium 4, but it works fine most of the time. On my AMD64, I get the 
same segmentation fault mentioned by Mark Constable.

3) During a build with -Wall -pedantic, I see quite a few warnings, 
ranging from portability problems to casting problems.

Are any of these issues something you are interested in having someone 
such as myself take a look at?

If so, what is the best procedure for providing patches to chuck?

Is the developer's mailing list working? I haven't seen any messages 

Scott Robert Ladd
site: http://www.coyotegulch.com
blog: http://chaoticcoyote.blogspot.com

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