[chuck] Scoping and wishlists

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Oct 26 15:07:43 EDT 2004

> So, if I define things in one .ck file and then add it to a running 
> loop,
> all things are local to that file, right?

Yes, for now.

> Is there any way of defining very global stuff?

When the array/object release comes out, there will definitely be a way 
do this.  One way is to use the global key/value map - or you can define
public static members (similar to java).  We originally planned to 
release this
early this month, but we aren't done yet.  Now we are working hard to 
the Audicle for ICMC next week.  As soon as that is done, we will go 
to finishing arrays/objects.  The new projected deadline is sometime in
December, in time for the holidays.

> Another thing - I've been on about this before a little... As of now, 
> the
> biggest restraint I find is that I have NO idea of the finer details of
> the language. At all. Can I manipulate strings? Can I concatenate 
> strings?
> Is there any way to give output without getting a newline 
> automagically?
> What do all the operators that I've seen in the lex/yacc files _DO_?

Yeah, we really need a language specification as part of the 
Our apologies for not yet providing one.  The bad news continues.  
There are
really no operations on strings right now.  There are poor hacks to 
without newline - see examples/chout.ck - extremely hacked, and will 
be changed soon.  The lex/yacc files contain most of the original 
operators, which are getting filled up bit by bit.

As we proclaimed earlier, documentation is a top priority and we will 
it so after arrays/objects.  Actually, with arrays and objects, string 
will be available, as with many other features that can be better 

Short answer: you are totally right, we need these features.  They are 
definitely coming (soon)!


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