[chuck] hi and newbie problems executing chuck

jesus gollonet listas at jesusgollonet.com
Thu Apr 28 12:01:10 EDT 2005

Hi all chuckers.

This is my first message on this list. I'm jesus gollonet, a web 
designer and interactive developer living in barcelona. I've been 
following toplap's movements for the last four or five months and now am 
really interested in getting into chuck, but...

I've downloaded the exe (for windows) and extracted it but it doesn't 
seem to work. When i double click it, an ms-dos windows appears just for 
an instant, and then nothing.

At first i thought that i had to compile it using cygwin (i'm not much 
into compiling programs myself and don't find the intructions on the web 
really clear), but someone in a forum told me that the exe was all i 
needed, so...

any idea of what's happening? I'm on a 2 ghz centrino, 1 gb RAM, dell 
inspiron laptop. Win xp home and... that's all i think

By the way, i love your work and am beginning to see some web exposure 
of chuck.Hope this thing gets big.

Thanks a lot


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