[chuck] audicle- (quintesson) binaries released

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Dec 25 10:02:06 EST 2005

HolidaY Greetings (again),

audicle- (quintesson) is now available:


This is a binary release, currently for MacOS X and Win32.  Source + 
Linux versions coming soon.

This is an initial release (2nd today), so prepare your radiation 
suits/safety googles and get ready for explosions, bugs, and gaping 
holes in the implementation.  Not surprisingly, we don't have much 
documentation (but we are working on it).  Here is a quick summary of 
the commands (please add content to the page if you want, especially if 
you have used the audicle before):


Questions, discussions, complaints can be chucked (or emailed) to 
something listed here:

     (note the not-so-new 'audicle' mailing list)

As always, feel free to email us directly as well.  We will be 
fixing/adding/documenting things as fast as we can.  Feedback will be 
uncontrollably appreciated.

Many thanks to everyone who have contributed to this release!  HappY um 

Best wishes,
chuck team
(Perry, Ananya, Phil, Spencer, Adam, Ajay, Ge, ...)

   - initial release
   - chuck version: (dracula)
   - graphics implemented in OpenGL
   - available faces:
     - ShrEditor
     - VMSpace
     - Shredder
     - TnT
   - extra: el cidua
   - shell
   - TODO: everything else (doh)

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