[chuck] Audicle presentation award / video

Rich Caloggero rjc at mit.edu
Fri Feb 4 12:42:06 EST 2005

Somewhat dumb question here -- what exactly is
Audicle ? I assume its some kind of GUI, with Chuck on the back end doing
the heavy lifting. My question is really - is it a win32 app or will it only
run on X-windows. I'm a blind musician and have always wanted an accessible
synthesizer, something I can actually tweak fairly easily. Most (all)
stand-alone boxes have incredibly difficult interfaces which can only be
operated by sighted people. Software solutions are worse - completely
inaccessible GUI.  Might there be any hope for audicle in this sense?  I'm
certainly no expert in win32 programming or GUI building in general, but if
Cakewalk/Sonar can be made reasonably accessible, then why not audicle?

For good models of how to create accessible interfaces, ones which can
expose their state to adaptive tech. like screen readers and magnification
software, look at the gnome project, and Java Swing, both of which are
attempting to do this.

-- Rich Caloggero, MIT Adaptive Tech. for Info. and Computing

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> Dear All,
> We are happy to announce that the Audicle has won the
> 2004 ICMA Best Presentation Award, as voted by attendees
> of the 2004 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC),
> in Miami.
> The video of the presentation is now available for bandwidth and
> storage abuse (they are pretty big) - if you want to take a glimpse
> at the audicle:
>      http://soundlab.cs.princeton.edu/listen/
>      big:          audicle_icmc2004_sm.mov (130 megs)
>      bigger:    audicle_icmc2004.mov (500 megs!!!)
> Thanks to Ajay Kapur + Adam Tindale for filming the thing, and
> for everyone's support!
> Best,
> Perry, Phil, Ananya, Ge
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