[chuck] Bus Error - Trying to run ChucK for the first time

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Jan 23 18:12:48 EST 2005

Hi Gary!

Thanks once again for RtAudio - in addition to straightfoward use and
good performance (on most platforms), it really allows us to comfortable
focus on designing the language.  As you know, most of the software from
the soundlab uses RtAudio (including sndpeek, rt_lpc, mosievius, and
more), which performs quite solidly on CoreAudio, ALSA, and Win32.  The
only consistent problem area is with Jack, though part of this may be due
to the current state of Jack (it's still pretty sensitive).  For example,
RtAudio seems to bus error when Jack initialization fails - which we hope
to track down soon.  I will start a thread on chuck-dev.

As for Jack on OSX - I was aware that RtAudio doesn't support it, so it
is somewhat surprising the ChucK compiled for Jack on OS X without
modifications.  This leads me to think that perhaps fixing Jack related
issues (whatever they are) under Linux will also help on OS X.  It would
certainly also make a lot of soundlab software better under Jack.

Thanks again, Gary!

soundlab software (list to grow soon):



On Sun, 23 Jan 2005, Gary P.Scavone wrote:

> If ChucK still relies on RtAudio for its audio I/O support, then there
> is no Jack support for OS-X.  I honestly don't know why someone would
> want to use Jack in OS-X, since it is built on top of CoreAudio
> (RtAudio supports CoreAudio directly).  And also note that RtAudio
> supports ASIO on Windows.

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