[talks] last reminder: talk today at 1:30pm by Prof. Jianbo Shi

Fei-Fei Li feifeili at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Mar 3 10:57:35 EST 2008

Visual Thinking with Graph Network
Jianbo Shi
Assistant Professor
Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania
Time/Location: 1:30pm Mon Mar 3, CS 301

Many visual perception tasks are fundamentally NP-hard computational
problems. Solving these problems robustly requires thinking through
combinatorially many hypothesis.  Despite this, our human visual system
performs these tasks effortlessly.  How is this done?   I would like to
make two points on this topic.  First, formulating visual thinking as
NP-hard computation tasks has an important advantage: visual routines
can be analyzed precisely to identify their behaviors independently of
their implementations.  Second, I will show there is a class of graph
optimization problems which can be implemented using a distributed
network system with physical (and plausible biological) interpretation.

I will demonstrate this graph based approach for: 1) image segmentation
using Normalized Cuts with explanations for illusory contours, visual
pop out and attention; 2) salient contour grouping using Untangling
Cycle; and 3) contour context selection for shape detection.

Li, Fei-Fei     Ph.D.
(publish under L. Fei-Fei)
Assistant Professor
Computer Science Dept.
Princeton University
35 Olden St.
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: (609)258-8130
Office: Room 211, CS Building
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