[talks] 1-3pm Thu Jan 15 poster session for COS 561 (grad networks) in the Friend Convocation Room

Jennifer Rexford jrex at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Jan 14 01:44:50 EST 2015

The students in COS 561 (graduate computer networks) are having a poster session to present their final course projects. The poster session will be 1-3pm Thursday January 15 in the Friend Convocation Room.  The 25 projects will be divided into two one-hour periods, each including about half of the posters.  We'll have snacks and beverages.  Everyone is welcome!  The project titles and authors are listed below.

-- Jen

FIRST HOUR (1-2pm)

Managing Fairness in Equilibrium Strategies for Routing Among Selfish Nodes in an Ad Hoc Network
Andrew Grasso

Global Internet Reachability: A Longitudinal Study
Anne Edmundson, Elba Garza, Caroline Trippel

Improving the Performance of Path Query in Software Defined Networks
Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo

Proxy Rotation with Bitcoin Micropayments
Miles Carlsten, Harry Kalodner, Paul Ellenbogen

TIP: An IP Protocol for Detecting BGP Hijacking Attacks
Collin Stedman

Ravana: Transparent Controller Fault Tolerance in Software-Defined Networks
Haoyu Zhang

Latency Equalized Routing for Interactive Networks
Heemin Seog and Andrew Tran

Imagining a Clock-Synchronized Internet
Gregory Owen and Jonathan Frankle

Statistics Query Support for CoVisor
Jennifer Gossels

Detecting BGP Man-in-the-Middle Attacks via Control Plane Anomaly Detection
Cornellius K. Metto, Laura M. Roberts, Elena Sizikova

Fast BGP Convergence with the Supercharged Router: Electrifying Traditional Routers with SDN
Michael Alan Chang

Compressing Cached Rules in Software-Defined Networks
Yatin A. Manerkar, Adi Fuchs, Alexey Lavrov


Upgrading HTTPS in Mid-Air: An Empirical Study of Strict Transport Security and Key Pinning
Michael Kranch

Prediction Based Mechanism for efficient scheduling of Cellular Data usage
Themistoklis Melissaris, Nayana Prasad Nagendra

Towards Temporal Network Synthesis
Ryan Beckett, Qinxiang Cao, Olivier Savary Bélanger

Multi-Network Cellular Access
Parishad Karimi

SDN-Enabled IPv4 Multicast Protocol Design
Robert Macdavid, Sergiy Popovych, Hansen Zhang

A Visualization Environment for Network Information in Pyretic
Nora Coler, Ruth Dannenfelser, and Nevin Li

Inter-domain path diversity through virtual peering
Shreyasee Mukherjee

MITM Detection with P2P Networks
Steven Englehardt, Steven Goldfeder, Maciej Halber, Peter Zimmerman

Evaluating Path Queries in Software-Defined Networks with Different Forwarding Policies
Violeta Ilieva

Dynamic Service Chaining
Tengyu Ma, Amy Tai, Kelvin Zou

Customizable Adaptive Streaming over Cellular Network
Yichen Chen, Yixin Sun

Exploring Scalability in Hierarchical SDN Controllers
Disney Y. Lam

Towards remote music collaboration: forecasting mallet motion via networks
Huiwen Chang, Zeyu Jin and Shuran Song

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