[chuck-dev] Anonymous CVS?

Magnus Danielson cfmd at bredband.net
Thu Dec 9 23:01:44 EST 2004

From: Mikael Johansson <mikael at johanssons.org>
Subject: [chuck-dev] Anonymous CVS?
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 23:47:05 +0100 (CET)
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.61.0412092342420.13594 at cramer.math.su.se>


> Is there any possibility of getting anonymous access to the princeton cvs? 
> Should such things go via the sf account instead?
> We want to keep the local cvs @ stacken up to date with whatever is 
> committed at your place so that our hacking won't start from the release 
> version and then discover that it's badly out of sync with what's in the 
> cvs (as we just discovered... =)

Mikael did a checkout that we tossed into our cvs. I have just ported much of
our stuff into that cvs version. This includes the basic Autoconf/Automake
stuff that Hans with a little help from me and Mikael have done. I tossed
together a man-page aswell. I expect that most if not all of the diffs will be
more or less in sync during the weekend.

I have been working on the chuck/src directory where as I have noticed that
there is a chuck/v2 directory as well.

Hans tossed together a none-audio driver which seems to work.

I am considering applying more automagic to the autoconf stuff as things
progresses. Currently we do stuff with --with-audio=alsa etc. but I want to
remove the need for it so it just discovers what is there, but with the manual
force still in place if you wish for it.

In the long term should we commit straight into the main repository, but let's
first get the aggregate stuff into par with your latest cvs and then we figure
out how to best merge it. 

> Oh, and, we have still not managed to get a decent windows build 
> environment up and running; but we have verified build on Free/OpenBSD, 
> Linux (debian & redhat) and OSX. Should we commit and test or wait and 
> then commit?

To clarify on the Windows comment. A tired mind (mine that is) was unable to
have the ./configure script to get pass the GCC tests in MSYS/MINGW. It fails
to compile the simple test-program. A less tired mind may solve this. I rarely
find a need to use the MSYS/MINGW environment so that could be a reason, but
autoconf/configure should work in there.

> Best wishes, the Stacken hack group! =)

Best wishes,
Magnus - another Stacken Chuck-hacker

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