[chuck-dev] ChucK as part of a debian package

Stuart McDonald stuartcmcd at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 00:30:55 EST 2014


I don't know if this is the best place to discuss; if not let me know to
whom I should address this :)

I've built a simple Raspberry Pi-based Chuck system, which loads and plays
random wave files, applying random filters to them. The system currently
runs the program on boot, making the Pi a single purpose sound box.

I did this as a sound art project using my own field recordings, and
achieved that goal, but now I'm thinking the sound box idea is something
others might be interested in, and to that end I'm considering making the
program available as a Raspbian package.

My first question is: are the Chuck maintainers ok with this? Note that I
don't intend to sell the software (although see the bit about KickStarter
below) and will make the source chuck files available.

My second question is around distributing ChucK itself with the package,
since the current ChucK debian package does not run on the Pi. Is it
acceptable if I include ChucK with the package?

Finally, I am currently considering running this project on KickStarter. I
don't really want to go to this effort unless there's sufficient interest,
so am looking to set the project's viability at a threshold of 100
interested people contributing a token amount of $1 or $2.

My final question is: any objections to me running a kickstarter project
based on a ChucK program?


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