[chuck-users] [solution] compile and link problem under FC3...

Furlan Primus fprimus at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 03:46:12 EDT 2005


Earlier today I had trouble compiling and linking the 'Dracula'
version of ChucK.  After some emails to Ge Wang a solution was found.

The problem was that when compiling for linux-alsa it was looking for
a file called sndfile.h and that file was NOT on my system as I have a
precompiled version of libsndfile.

The solution was to follow the directions in the makefile.alsa file:

# by default, ChucK on linux needs libsndfile...
# comment the next 3 lines to use a pre-configured libsndfile
# LIBS+= -lsndfile

Once that was commented out (as above) the compilation & linking went
without any further delay.  Maybe this will assist someone else who
experiences a similar problem.


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