[chuck-users] ADSR modulation question

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Jun 29 11:36:59 EDT 2006

>> BTW: I can of course think of a lot of situations where this 
>> seperation
>> of instrument/score (old csounder here) doesn't make sense, and I
>> already use alot of that. But sometimes I just want to encapsulate 
>> that
>> nice bassdrumm sound for reuse...
> Yeah, I hear you.
> I think you'll have to live with seeing a sporked shred that takes
> care of the "controll-rate" for the envelope as a part of the patch.
> It's just a few lines anyway.

The goal of course is to be able to comfortably do either:

     abstract/encapsulate  vs.  integrate (the kitchen sink approach)
     (or any mix in between)

I think it should be totally possible to separate/combine 
instrument/score in any number of ways, and to customize it to your 
liking.  So far it's possible with the class system, but parts are 
cumbersome (lack of #include or auto-class discovery, classpath, 
namespaces).  But we are working on it - it's essential to provide a 
flexible framework to built abstractions and libraries for reuse.


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