[chuck-users] kilo-shred crashing!

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 17:22:16 EDT 2007

Hi list!

I think I ran into a new sort of issue.

I thought I'd dabble a little in spatialisation and the technique I
blundered into (invented is a rather large word) involves dealing with
timing and modulation by generating a rather large amount of shreds that
wait for some period of time, then write to a variable, then die. I'd write
about it more but right now it's not so interesting because of being

Anyway, this made me generate quite a few shreds (some tens of thousands but
I'd like to use hundreds of thousands eventually for multiple soundsources
and channels and so on....). For this I thought it wise to render in
non-real time (cough). Sadly it turns out that ChucK doesn't realy like
this. On my laptop it simply crashed the whole computer (which then
proceeded to turn itself off) on my GF's (also xp) computer it reports a
"out of memory" issue with three rather odd characters (a Y with a dash on
it amongst them). After that the computer had to be reset anyway but this
one is tempramental in ways we can't blame on ChucK. I could try on my
Debian box in a few days.

So... now what?

Are kilo-shreds simply a area one shouldn't venture into? I think I'm of the
opinion that ChucK running in --silent mode should simply allocate more
memory and time untill the swap (or one's patience) runs out but frankly I
can't imagine that would happen over a test-file of a second and 15,000 or
so (according to the mini before it gave up) shreds.

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