[chuck-users] kilo-shred crashing!

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 2 17:53:58 EDT 2007

Hi Kassen!

> I think I ran into a new sort of issue.

Heh, ChucK is certiainly good at generating new sorts of issues!

> On my laptop it simply crashed the whole computer (which then proceeded 
> to turn itself off) on my GF's (also xp) computer it reports a "out of 
> memory" issue with three rather odd characters (a Y with a dash on it 
> amongst them). After that the computer had to be reset anyway but this 
> one is tempramental in ways we can't blame on ChucK.

(Are you sure we can't blame ChucK?)  To make sure I have facts straight: 
this is running command line chuck (or miniAudicle) on XP?

I postulate this may be the unfinished garbage collector catching up with 
us.  What type of things are happening in these thousands of shreds?  New 
unit generators allocated?  String concatenation?  new objects?

> Are kilo-shreds simply a area one shouldn't venture into?

Kilo-shreds, and even mega/giga/(probably not tera yet)-shreds should be 
well within the normal chuckian operational range, assuming they don't do 
things that compell ChucK to leak loads of memory.  (In the end, I am 
fairly certain it *is* ChucK's fault)  Can you post a perhaps simplified 
version of the kilo-shred that is causing this disaster?

By the way, we are making progress on garbage collection though nothing is 
enabled in the release.  We'll definite priority boost GC.  To sort 
of quote Samuel L. Jackson: I have had it with this muthachucking garbage 
in this muthachucking language!


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