[chuck-users] stereo ugens yet once more

Imre Kéri sharp732 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 03:50:51 EDT 2007


I once modified the code so it is handling stereo ugens correctly (and
this was really a working solution). If I remember correctly, the
sub-ugens are just there to connect ugens to the left and right
channel of a stereo ugen. I modified the tick function of a stereo
ugen so that it works with sample data for multiple channels. Thus, in
my code for mono ugens everything is as before, but for stereo ugens
the tick() function is called with a different argument format.

If you are interested I can send you the source code or explain it at
more detail, but unfortunately now I don't have acces to this source
code, I can send you it only next week on Thursday.


2007/4/13, Lukas Degener <degenerl at cs.uni-bonn.de>:
> hi again,
>  could you tell me what's the current state of affairs concerning stereo
> (multi-channel) ugens?
> I'm looking through the code and I can see that there is somthing going
> on, but I was not yet able to completely grasp the idea. :-)
> I see I can specify in and outs in type_engine_import_ugen_begin(...),
> Further it seems that for each channel, a "sub"-ugen is generated for
> me,  everything basically looks put in place allready...so...
> How do I control how those "sub-ugens" are ticked?  Would it be wise to
> just set their tick function pointer directly? Is there maybe already
> some example code which I could have a look on? Or am I looking in the
> wrong places?
> Sorry for pestering you with my questions :-).
> Kind Regards,
> --lu
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