[chuck-users] Lisa behaving strangely?

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Mon Aug 13 09:49:40 EDT 2007

On 8/13/07, Daniel L Trueman (dtrueman at Princeton.EDU) <
dtrueman at princeton.edu> wrote:
> howdy, i'm on the road at the moment so i can't look at the code, but i'm
> sure you are right and of course it makes sense to be able to read duration;
> will fix asap. thanks!

Great! Last night I also discovered that LiSa doesn't like the start-point
of playback to also be the point set as loop-end, even when we aren't
looping. Generally I think the code that makes sure she stops playing when
playing in one-shot mode is a bit too agressive in determining when to stop
playing. For some reason I'm having more problems with one-shot reversed
playing then with one-shot forward playing, likely because my loop-points
tend to be later in the buffer, probably the same issue.

Enjoy your trip!

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