[chuck-users] Compiling chuck on UbuntuStudioGutsy32

Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 03:54:24 EST 2007

To me "error: jack/jack.h: No such file or directory" simply means that the
compiler can't find the file.  It gives no further info than that.  I got
quite confused at this stage as I had Jack installed and running.  I even
searched google for this error and found very little.  Now (after gaining
info from this list) I understand that headers are needed for the specified
audio server (something that is not stated in the official list of
dependencies or at least from my reading of it).

I wouldn't expect Ubuntu-specific dependencies to be implemented by the
chuck developers, but it's not something that is useless either.  I'd like
to incorporate it into some ubuntu documentation (probably the best place
for it) and maybe other distribution communities could do the same, possibly
having the ChucK website provide links to said documentation.

On a side note, source is rarely ever needed in getting software for a linux
system - from my experience.  If it's not in the repos, there's usually a
deb or rpm for download.  In the case of a source file, most give quite
detailed dependency listings and I still hold that ChucK needs to at least
add that headers (often found in the dev libs) are needed.  Correct me if
this is wrong.  It'd also be nice to hear from someone else on the matter as
it's clear that Atte thinks the above error message is quite obvious to fix
and I don't.

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