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Wed Mar 7 16:10:16 EST 2007

Quoting Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:

> I'm not sure I understand how this would be different from OSC or

It's kind of my whole point, in that it is a lot different (at least
for me).  This is from a draft article for Cycling 74 I'm just

I'd like to make two final comments.  The first is a plea to
and the second is a goad to Max/MSP users.  For developers:  think
shared libraries and loadable bundles!  The Soundflower routing for
SC3 above works, but I would much prefer to access SC3
functionality directly from
within Max/MSP.  Or (for that matter) I wouldn't mind being able
to access all of Max/MSP within SC3.  The basic idea is that I like
the tight-coupling that can be gained through the imbedding of one
application directly inside another.  I've used network approaches
in other instances in the past, and although they work well for most
situations, the ability to integrate control very closely can
lead to much better standalone interfaces and applications.
I would love to see the day when bringing in an external
application is a simple matter of bundling it properly, finding
the right entry-points, and then using the application completely
inside an alternative development environment.

OSC drives me crazy, by the way.


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