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Mike Coats mike at capnoats.com
Wed May 30 02:26:28 EDT 2007

> Re: Wii
> Has anyone tried using ChucK with a Wii controller? I've been looking
> at getting one, but, they're still $60au new in stores, and they're
> not quite new enough to turn up 2nd hand in hock shops yet. I'm
> realistically hoping to hit that second objective in about 2 months
> from now. Should be about $25 for one then. I've seen lots of programs
> for the PC to interface with the Wii Remote, so, one way or the other,
> I'll be able to make it do "Something".

Good Morning Everyone,

I've been a lurker here for quite a while, but I thought I'd take a look 
at this as I do have a wee bit off experience with this one.

There are a lot off options to consider to get the Wii controllers 
working. They are just standard blue tooth devices, so people have 
created apps that work with them in the past. I MacBook, so my 
experience is with WiiSabre and Darwiin Remote. The first simply makes 
lightsabre noises when you wave around the Wii controller, but the 
second is almost a diagnostic program as it gives full output of the 
three axis accelerometers on the remote itself and then give information 
on the accelerometers in the nunchuck as well. The source code to 
Darwiin Remote is under the BSD License, so there's no real worries 
about wondering how do they do that, but a better resource could be 
http://www.wiili.org/index.php/Category:Drivers which contains a whole 
list or drivers for the wiimote for Mac OS X,  Linux and Windows.

Even without going the full driver route, Darwiin Remote can be 
configured to act as a mouse and small "keyboard"  so there is a limited 
interface option available to us already.

Hope somebody finds this big bank of text useful, but I've now got to go 
to work :(

Kind Regards,
Mike Coats

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