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Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 17:42:14 EDT 2007

Kassen wrote:

Let me say that I had no intention of bashing the mini. I love how it's 
coming along, I used it alot and eventually it'll be the app to use.

> I think [Ctrl] + [Tab] should work for buffer switching 

Doesn't work here...

> and you can 
> highlight using [shift ] + [cursor keys], then copy&paste using the 
> regular hotkeys, or am I missing something?

No, that's better than I remembered...

> Search&replace would be 
> good,

Well it's hard to live without search. Forgot goto-line. Also more 
integration like click on error/warning in console and goto the exact 
place in editor (open file if not open) would be good for the mini.

Of course emulation of emacs bindings would be great for a one-trick 
pony like myself .-)

> and auto completion too,

That's gonna be hard to beat :-)

> At the moment the Mini is very good 
> for quickly writing small things


> but as soon as we are talking larger 
> multi-session projects the lack of search starts to become a issue.

Sure. But other things that can be done with vanilla chuck + scripting 
(simple bash will do) are hard to to in any one ide.

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