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Thu Nov 1 18:07:18 EDT 2007

On 11/1/07, Atte André Jensen <atte.jensen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Let me say that I had no intention of bashing the mini. I love how it's
> coming along, I used it alot and eventually it'll be the app to use.

Oh, the Mini is incomplete, that much is true, but it says so on the
package. I don't think we can expect a alpha release of a experimental
editor to measure up to The Two Big Editors I Dare Not Mention In Fear Of
Getting Executed Over The Order I mention Them In ;¬).

> I think [Ctrl] + [Tab] should work for buffer switching
> Doesn't work here...

No? I just made sure it does on my Xp laptop. I'd call that a bug if it
doesn't work for you.

> and you can
> > highlight using [shift ] + [cursor keys], then copy&paste using the
> > regular hotkeys, or am I missing something?
> No, that's better than I remembered...

There was a very early release where copy-paste-cut had non standard
shortcuts, at least on Windows they were. Perhaps you only tested a very,
very early one?

What we shouldn't forget is that the big editors are intimidating, writing
your own syntax highlighting file is a non-trivial task if ChucK is the
first programing language you see and the Mini also saves non-hardcore
computer users from the terrors of the command line.

Even in it's modest current state I think the Mini has a place where it's
the tool of choice already.

> Well it's hard to live without search. Forgot goto-line. Also more
> integration like click on error/warning in console and goto the exact
> place in editor (open file if not open) would be good for the mini.

Yes! I requested that too, a lot more could be done with the integration,
not just for traditional things but also chuck specific matters. *cough*cs
style running code editing*cough*

> That's gonna be hard to beat :-)

Well, Spencer *did* mention that's on his list....

> Sure. But other things that can be done with vanilla chuck + scripting
> (simple bash will do) are hard to to in any one ide.

Indeed, I use .bat files to call ChucK code with suitable settings for the
buffer and multiple outs. Still, you can send system calls using ChucK (I
think it's called STD.system() ) and so call BASH or whatever so that could
be done from the Mini as well, if needed or desired.

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