[chuck-users] chuck and jack fedora linux

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 11:15:00 EST 2008

> Can anyone tel me how to troubleshoot this?

Hi Francis!

Let's start with the basics, not because I think you are dumb but because
I'm lazy and like to try to avoid dealing with hard stuff if possible ;¬)

There are three versions of ChucK for Linux for the three types of audio
system. (OSS, ALSA, JACK). These are different executables. Could you verify
which one you have? Typing "chuck --version" at your terminal should tell
you this between brackets.

If you do have the right one the next step would be verifying that system
works at all, for example by trying to make some sound using a different
JACK application.

Also; I do think some of the pre-compiled version for various Linux distro's
are lagging behind a bit and recent ChucK versions have made some quite
relevant and fun updates. You may want to compile your own if you haven't
done so already (this isn't clear from your mail), one of the added
advantages of this is that you will be sure you have the right version (also
not yet clear to me).

Well, at least it's a first step in figuring this out....

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