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Peter, SoundSpotter seems to be great. I tried to run it but didn’t manage
to make it work. My fault because I did it in a rush. I’ll try it again if I
do move forward with this idea because it seems to do exactly what I need.


Rebecca, I’m very interested and curious about SMIRK. Please let me know
once it’s totally up.


Will, that would be well beyond my intentions, but it sure seems fun ;)


Thanks you all!





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There's an external for pd / max-msp called soundspotter designed for doing
the kind of thing you want: http://www.soundspotter.org/

I'm not intimately familiar with it's workings, but it is open-source and
Michael Casey has written several papers on the subject which you'll find
under 'Research' on that page.  So, if you definitely want to use ChucK (I'd
suggest pd with that external may be the easiest route in the short term),
there'll be lots of useful information there.

If you did what you described with FFT, you would probably be vaguely on the
right track, but I'm afraid it could turn out to be quite a long track...

Good luck, it sounds like a fun idea; and soundspotter should be a perfect


On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 5:17 PM, Nuno Godinho <eu at nunogodinho.com> wrote:


Here's what I'd like to achieve:

There's a pool of samples of animals. There's a microphone. Someone talks to
the microphone, the voice is analyzed and, based on a given similarity
criteria, an animal is chosen.

To be honest I don't know how this can be done and if it is easy or hard.
Should I try using FFT to determine, say, the main frequency and decide from
there? Which other criteria should I be able to compare? Any links or
samples to get me started?


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