[chuck-users] benchmarking UGens

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 06:51:46 EDT 2009


We all know that chuck is not the fastest audio software out there. But 
I guess like me you've all found ways to work around that. I often found 
myself wondering "how much can I save by disconnecting this UGen" or 
"exactly how expensive is another NRev".

For this purpose I started to do some benchmarking in the form of a 
bunch of .ck files and a bash script. My initial results are here:


The first line is "chuck --loop", so the wm alone. "nb" is the number of 
files, "cpu" is the cpu usage as reported by htop on my laptop (2Ghz 
Intel dualcore), and "cpu normalized" is cpu-usage (simple 
multiplication) at nb=100.

Of course this doesn't make sense without seeing the .ck files, so I've 
put them here:


I'm quite aware of that this approach is very un-scientific, so any 
input on how to improve it is more than welcome. Esp. I'm wondering how 
10 * PRCRev = 7% and 50 * PRCRev = 46% (should have been 35%).

I'm gonna continue my tests, but you're all welcome to supply files for 
testing. Maybe this should all end up on the wiki?

NB: This is in no way a critique of the developers. Sure I would love to 
see a faster chuck, but we still love it and use it.


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