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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 14:07:31 EDT 2009


> Hey, so how can I upgrade my Mini to the CVS version, with all the
> file IO capabilities? Or, even I successfully compiled the
> CVS command line version, but I've never compiled the Mini. I just
> found myself liking the pretty colored text.

Ok. i only did this on Ubuntu Linux. Other OS's may or may not present
hurdles, particularly where newer and more strict versions of GCC are
concerned. I did this with but CVS will likely work as well.

Download the source of the ChucK version you want.
*optionally edit it to have things like Tom's fix for CNoise and or
other things you might like (CVS may have this already).
Download the source of the latest Mini.

browse the mini source to find the chuck directory, I think it refers
to chuck1.2.1.1. Delete all that's in that directory but leave the dir
be. Dump your downloaded ChucK source in there, it should look a lot
like it did before.

Compile the mini as per the documented instructions, you'll need some
extra libraries over plain ChucK, especially that widgets thingy, but
this is documented and none of it very exotic. This process will now
compile the ChucK version we cunningly pretended is the one it knows
as a part of it's compile. Ignore all other bits of the source. Pour
yourself a drink while it compiles.

Start your new Mini and resolve to write a small canon for Wurley and
Moog in d#minor to verify that it works. Pour another drink while you
look in the manual for the exact name of Moog's sweep rate. (stuff
happens) Look up to see the dawn, realising you just wrote another
experimental gabber piece that you forgot to record but content with
your new mini.

Some of these steps may be optional but this way it works for me. This
won't fly for the full Audicle for reasons unknown.


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