[chuck-users] Chuck garbage collection needs a manual

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Mon Sep 6 18:37:03 EDT 2010

2010/9/7 Tambet <qtvali at gmail.com>

> [Redirect from Tambet.]

I now notice I mis-spelled your name a few times; I blame my dyslexia
combined with English lacking a gender-neutral pronoun.

> You mostly answered everything ..I meant closing shreds and collecting
> threads.
Great! Threads we don't need to worry about as ChucK runs in a single (OS)
thread. Shreds as objects seem to be collected. If you are having specific
issues there shout.

> It must be problem with gmail. I have very unstable internet connection -
> thus it's possible I had to click send seven times; anyway, it usually
> handles this and sends only one message. There is only one in my sent
> messages folder.
It happens; unlike Hans I only saw a single mail.

> This was, what I wanted to know ..moreover, knowing about the exact cases
> would be nicest. Because as it's in-use system, such facts should be there
> in manual (as I already started to worry a lot looking at my simple program,
> which opens and closes shreds; now I just unchuck).
Indeed, but maintaining and updating the manual takes time and for this case
it might be more worthwhile to spend that time fixing the issue instead.
Sadly it's not that clear when we will have proper GC.

> Google Go, in nearby future, should have very powerful multithreaded GC.
Our case is rather specific. For multi-threading (which we don't yet do) a
analysis needs to be made about what parts depend on what others. In ChucK
this graph may change rather dramatically as UGens get re-connected.
Multi-threading in this context is non-trivial.

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