[chuck-users] Hello and the state of ChucK question

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Mon Apr 4 07:01:59 EDT 2011


I'm also new to chuck and this list.
> I'm a hobbyist musician and software engineer.
> Welcome on board!

And on the other hand I couldn't create more than one (working) LiSa
> objects at the time (is this right?).

Fortunately that's not correct. You can use quite a few, if you like;
LiSa a => dac;
LiSa b => dac;

If this gave you trouble there is likely something else that went wrong. If
you send a (minimal) example that demonstrates the trouble you had we can
look at it and try to help.

> So it seems I cannot record and save stereo sounds to files?
Not right now, no. This is clearly a missing feature.

> So as being a software developer myself, I tried to look into chuck's
> source code and explored if I could solve some of these things.


> (Note that I am experienced in other fields but totally new to sound
> programming)
As long as you stay away from spectral analysis and filters I think you'll
find that the math is quite easy, most of the time. Various online and
printed tutorials on DSP exist may also help.

> I then also managed to change SndBuf (in a quick and dirty way) to be
> used for recording. But I didn't manage to save this as a stereo sound
> file.

Did you do that because WvOut, didn't suit your needs, or did you perhaps
overlook it? Maybe this was a result of your problem with LiSa? I don't
think this should be needed, but perhaps your needs are somehow unique.

> My main problem was that I don't really understand how multichannel
> and buffers are supposed to work.

Dan announced once that he is working on a multi-channel version of LiSa.
This might suit your needs?

> I see it is in the design at many places, but it seems to be unfinished.

I agree.

It is also very unclear to me, how chuck development is coordinated.
> An integrated system like sourceforge would make this more easy, as
> all the development is (virtually) bundled in one place. How should
> external developers contribute to chuck?
I think there was talk of a CVS repository. I'd be interested in this too;
I've been writing some new "nodes" (the local term for UGens) for Fluxa (the
livecoding synth that goes with Fluxus) and I would be happy to try port
some of that to ChucK too.

Aside from these topics; I too am quite excited about the news of a
upcomming new release. Full steam ahead!

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