[chuck-users] record and play multiple LiSa objects on multiple channels

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Kas (this is your name, right?),
Sure. My full first name is "Kassen", and signing as "Kas" seems nicely

> I first learned about LiSa as a recorder. Which is why I didn't expect
> things like the voices.
> Then I learned that LiSa is more a flexible sample player than a recorder.
Yes, it stands for LIve SAmpling. You can look at it as a looper (as in
guitar loopers) or a simple sampler or a granulation tool. The technique is
a fairly classical computer music one.

> Currently I am re-visiting the WvOut and WaveLoop ugens. At the
> beginning when I didn't know much of chuck I made a silly mistake,
> which made me think I couldn't use them for my purpose. But now I
> found that they work well for me. LiSa is very nice for playing the
> same sample in multiple ways (different frequency etc.), but for my
> project it is a little oversized.
I think so, yes.

> hmm, I don't think. Lisa's voices are special, no other ugens have them,
> right?

As I see it the core "special" thing here is UGen member functions taking
two parameters and the extra convenience trick of being allowed to not
specify the voice if you only need the first. As I see it the confusion
arises from permitting that shortcut. Maybe that was a dubious choice but
the convenience might be worth it? I don't know.

> I agree...but then the shortcut isn't really needed.
No, not "needed" as such, but after writing some pages of code that makes
ChucK look like a "scripting extension to LiSa" you come to appreciate it.

You do have a point and as I mentioned; I ran into it too, once. It's a hard
to detect mistake. One big question here is that I can't see a alternative
that would be clearly better in all ways yet not break existing code. Tricky

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