[chuck-users] mod tracker style ChucK ugen, anyone interested?

Imre Kéri sharp732 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 09:50:44 EST 2011


I extended the chuck source code with a new unit generator what can be
used to play sound samples in a way what is somewhat similar to
"tracker" software like renoise, fast tracker, buzz etc. There is a
concept of "samples", "instruments" and "tracks". A "sample" is a
sound sample, an "instrument" adds new parameters to samples like loop
points and a base frequency. A "track" is a chuck unit generator which
can play back the "instruments" mentioned before, and it can be
thought of as a column of a pattern in a pattern sequencer software.

The main feature is that the track ugen has support for volume and
frequency modulation, slides and sample retrigger effects, and each of
these is computed for every sample. (So the control rate is the
sampling frequency of the dac.) The volume and frequency of a sound
sample can be modulated by any other sample. Note that this all could
be written in chuck itself, but I chose to write it as an ugen to have
better efficiency, because I like to make sounds this way. I think the
system provides more or less the same functionality as the LiSa ugen,
but the track concept allows even more interesting possibilities.

To make it clear: This is already written and (more or less) tested by
myself! So if there is general interest in such a new ugen I am happy
to share this work with the public. (In my opinion it is somewhat
special, but some people might find it useful.)
Note that for testing one has to compile ChucK from the source code
with a patch..


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