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Fri Jul 8 05:10:00 EDT 2011

On 8 July 2011 05:46, Michael Heuer <heuermh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello ChucKers,
> I wanted to emulate something I saw on youtube once (sorry, I've lost
> the link), an interval keyboard where keys on the right hand play
> notes increasing by various intervals and keys on the left hand play
> notes decreasing by various intervals.  I haven't any music theory and
> the wikipedia pages for muscial intervals are over my head.
I have no real answer to that, but maybe other help;

Here is your link; http://samchillian.com/aboutsam.html

And; I also did a take on it. I used a PlayStation-style joypad because
those are more or less symmetrical. It worked quite nicely; it had preset
sounds and a library of quite a few scales to use. I'd have to dig up the
code though as that's on a old harddrive. Would you like it?

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