[chuck-users] miniAudicle 0.2.1 (gidora) released

Spencer Salazar spencer at ccrma.stanford.edu
Fri Aug 24 20:19:53 EDT 2012


miniAudicle 0.2.1 (gidora) is now available.


This release integrates the latest version of ChucK (,
chimera).  In addition to many new ChucK features, this fixes
real-time audio on Lion and Mountain Lion.

Please let us know about any problems, bugs, feature requests, etc.

miniAudicle team

    - (added)(all) chuck-
    - (added)(all) GUI chugin manager
    - (added)(Mac) default VM stall timeout changed to 2 seconds
    - (fixed)(Linux) build in Ubuntu 11.10 (thanks Ricardo Fabbri)
    - (fixed)(Windows) miniAudicle now exits properly

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