[chuck-users] first query to chuck users

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 16:59:02 EDT 2012

On 24 July 2012 20:40, Carr Everbach <ceverba1 at swarthmore.edu> wrote:
> I'm a Swarthmore College Engineering professor trying to help a blind
> student with data sonification (or auralization). [....]
> Any guidance?

Sorry, that's a somewhat specialised question, involving three parts,
and I only know the ChucK side. Still, it sounds really cool, I'm
somehow very attracted to the idea of languages like ChucK opening
computer music to blind people, despite having functional eyes myself.

All I can say for now is "welcome" and should this project hit the
part where ChucK syntax and features start to matter (and I hope it
does) I'll try to help. I hope others with more knowledge on things
like Matlab will beat me to it.


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