[chuck-users] 1.3.1 not happy with my jack (64-bit)

plutek plutek at infinity.net
Mon Sep 10 08:27:36 EDT 2012

nice little conversation with myself here!  ;-)

so, thinking about this a little more, i'm wondering whether i'm missing some esoteric reason why this behaviour is useful -- i.e. letting a dysfunctional chuck run when it's started at a sample rate different from the jack server. might it be more useful in such a situation for chuck to quit, with an error message, "chuck must run at the same samplerate as jack -- please use the srate option.", or somesuch?!


From: Peter Lutek <plutek at infinity.net>
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012 21:06:04 -0400
> ack.... oops!!
>  so excited about firing up 64-bit chuck, i forgot about the 48k
> default sampling rate!
>  chuck --srate44100
>  ....fixes everything.
>  sorry for the noise... cheers!
>  .pltk.
>  On Sun 09/09/12  8:42 PM , plutek plutek at infinity.net sent:
>  greetings! 
>  i just compiled 1.3.1 on a 64-bit linux system. compilation for jack
> went fine, and chuck runs without error messages. however.... 
>  no jack client is created. (so, of course, i hear nothing) 
>  shreds don't actually get started. (i.e. chuck ^ shows NOTHING) 
>  when i stop chuck, it says: RtApiJack::closeStream(): no open stream
> to close! 
>  if i run with --silent, incoming shreds DO show up. 
>  my jack is working fine with other applications. 
>  any clues? what shall i send to help figure this out? 
>  thanks much... cheers! 
>  .pltk. 
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