[chuck-users] 1.3.1 not happy with my jack (64-bit)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 09:13:18 EDT 2012

On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 08:27:36AM -0400, plutek wrote:
> nice little conversation with myself here!  ;-)
> so, thinking about this a little more, i'm wondering whether i'm missing some esoteric reason why this behaviour is useful -- i.e. letting a dysfunctional chuck run when it's started at a sample rate different from the jack server. might it be more useful in such a situation for chuck to quit, with an error message, "chuck must run at the same samplerate as jack -- please use the srate option.", or somesuch?!

It's a Linux problem at the start; I have no idea where the 48KHz
default for so many Linux installs came from. The slightly higher
frequency range isn't worth the conversion if you'd have to burn a CD.

Anyway, I think this is what we need;

A jack client can poll the server for its sample-rate. For Jack-ChucK
that call should perhaps take the place of the default that the s-rate
is set to when -sr[n] is not set at starting the VM.

That way, if somebody does find a use for a mis-set -sr (s)he can and
in other cases it should Just Work.

Now we just need to hope that call is available in the same form for
all editions of Jack ;-) If not I would lean towards requiring Jackd2,
which is far more generous in what it accepts from clients, good for
clients prone to experimentation.

I did some development on connecting to Jack, but not too much and
will defer to a actual expert if we have one.


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