[chuck] version released

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Fri Aug 6 08:12:44 EDT 2004

It seems that the Visual C++ Toolkit ist available as a free download. I 
don't know if it would be sufficient for compiling ChucK, but it's not a 
bigger download than Cygwin.

I will posz some feature suggestions later...

Ge Wang wrote:
> Hi smoerk,
> On Aug 6, 2004, at 6:05 AM, smoerk wrote:
>> I would prefer a native port, which could be compiled with mingw. 
>> Moving from a free compiler to closed-source Visual-C++ (IMHO). I will 
>> not install a unlicensed copy of Visual-C++ (or is Visual C++ 
>> available for free now?)
> We are not so much "moving" to Visual C++ under Windows , but rather 
> also supporting it, in addition to gcc/cygwin.  mingw is a good idea, we 
> will look into it.  In the meantime,  let's figure out (either by direct 
> email or the developer list) the best way to get chuck running on 
> windows (cygwin/mingw/vc++ maybe) for you and others.
> Also, we now have a bug/feature tracking system hosted on sourceforge.  
> (the development/CVS/mailing/distribution/homepage will remain at 
> Princeton).  You may submit bugs/feature requests at:
>     http://chuck.sf.net/
> Of course, still feel free to email us or post to chuck-dev/chuck for 
> bugs/features/support.
> ThanK you!
> Best,
> Ge!

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