[chuck] Some chuck questions.

Adam Tindale tindale at music.mcgill.ca
Mon Sep 20 17:12:21 EDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

My name is Adam Tindale and I am chucK user.

I was wondering if maybe we could start a short discussion on a 
wishlist for chucK. Maybe some public comments, etc.

> You are correct, currently there are no arrays ChucK.  But there most
> definitely will be.  We are currently implementing arrays, as well as
> objects and synchronous and asynchronous events.  These are going
> be in the next major release later this month.

In response to this, I was hoping that there might be a line object 
included sometime. Something that could be easily used for break point 
functions with different interpolation between points as options.

I can't wait for synchronous and asynchronous events. I was going to 
ask about this.

Does anyone have any experience using midi in chucK? No offence Ge, but 
I would like to see a more comprehensive example involving control 
change messages and the use of different channels. My midi controller 
is broken so I can't experiment right now :(

I love distortion and would love to see a simple (or complex) 
waveshaping distortion object. This may not be necessary once arrays 
are implemented.

Also, math. I recently had a problem (a user problem, not a chucK 
problem) with casting types, blah blah blah. Are C expressions good in 
chucK? Did I miss that in the documentation?

I look forward to seeing if this thread goes anywhere.

happY chucKing


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