[chuck] hi and newbie problems executing chuck

jesus gollonet listas at jesusgollonet.com
Fri Apr 29 10:09:00 EDT 2005

Thanks for your valuable help, people. Now i've been able to make it work.

I guess i will spend some time in this little corner of the world, so let's
see what it can offer :)


Adam R. Tindale escribió:

> Hi Jesus (and all Chuckers out there),
> I am working on the documentation and I would like to know what I 
> could add to the  chuck tutorial that would help you. I would like to 
> help newbies get up and running without having to post to the list. 
> Surely, there are others out there who got to the point of needing to 
> ask a question and moved on to some other language instead.
> I am not a windows person but here is what I can offer you. ChucK 
> files are simply text files with .ck instead of .txt. Use your 
> favourite text editor (which will no doubt be audicle in the future!) 
> to enter in the text in the tutorial and save it in the current 
> directory that you are running ChucK. Then you can add your files like 
> normal:
> chuck + test1.ck test2.ck
> You can do absolute paths as well:
> chuck + /home/adamtindale/chuckpatches/test1.ck
> I hope this helps you.
> Your experience is valuable and we are all here to help each other 
> out. Welcome to our little corner of the world.
> To everyone else out there: I will try and release the first version 
> of the manual out very soon. (hopefully very soon, school is out!!!)

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